BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PLAYED/VOLUNTEERED/SPONSORED/WORKED THE ZOMBIE RALLY 2012! It was a blast - watch for the next game to be announced very soon. There was a single survivor - Adam Mahler of Star Prairie, Wisconsin.

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(Troll's new zip lines and aerial adventure course could make things interesting...)



No one knows how the outbreak started... or why rescue could be found on a ski hill.


There was little time for questions before an exclusive group of survivors took part in a mad scramble through the hills of Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area. Their search for the rally zones offering temporary safety, and the medicine needed to delay and possibly cure the zombie infection was perilous.

 Meeting hordes of the undead at every turn, the challenge to achieve salvation quickly disintegrated into what could best be described as a giant game of zombie survival tag.  

The Zombie Rally is a multi-stage, 4-hour game of scenario-based survival tag. Safety checkpoints will give players a just slightly better than slim chance at surviving as the ranks of the undead swell. Survive, and be rewarded. Get tagged, and become lunch...

 Do you have what it takes to survive the Zombie Rally? 























Zombie Rally Scenario Survivor Tag - What To Expect... from TROLLHAUGEN on Vimeo.